Adding Images

While images add visual interest to content, you don't have to add images to pages. Not all pages benefit from them. However, if you do add and image to a page, we strongly recommend adding them through the Representative Image field only. The system will automatically format and position the image for you, and you can easily promote a page to your homepage slideshow or promoted content are if the page has a representative image.

Adding Representative Images

Under the Basic tab, go to the Representative Image section and click Choose File. Find the image you want to upload and click Upload. Note that the image size requirements are 1280x720 (this is listed in the help text under the Representative Image field):

representative image screenshot

Adding Images to the Body Field

While it is possible to add images to the Body Field, we recommend against it. In general, you should only use the Representative Image field on Pages, or the Headshot field on Profiles. Images in the Body field can disrupt the responsive design, create accessibility problems, and lead to pages that do not fit the university brand.

If you need more images, or images that are in-line with the text (such as a company logo), you can add them to the Body field with the editor by clicking the Image button: image icon screenshot

To upload your image, click the Browse Server button on the Image Editor box. This takes you into your site’s server where all images and files you’ve uploaded are housed:

image editor screenshot

Always include Alt text for images. This is the descriptive text of an image that appears for blind users’ screen readers. The text should describe the image. For example: "Students studying in Ramsey Library" or "UNC Asheville logo".

You can make the text wrap around your image by using the Styles box in the editor after you insert your picture. Click on the image once to select it, then choose ImgLeft or ImgRight.

styles box screenshot

You can also make your image link to another website by clicking on the Link icon.


  • File names: Try to rename your files before you upload them. Instead of uploading IMG09234.jpg, it’s better to upload rocky-the-bulldog-uncasheville.jpg. This not only makes it easier for future site editors to know what the files are, and it will also help our search engine optimization.
  • We removed the image properties from the IMCE image uploader in favor of using styles. To float the image left or right click on the image once it is uploaded and choose ImgLeft or ImgRight from the Styles drop down. The padding and margin will be in place once you submit.
  • Caption: You can also add caption to images, but it is not required. When a caption is used, it formats the photo in a frame with an italicized caption below:

Chancellor Mary K. Grant