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The university’s academic logo should be used as an institutional identifier on all print and electronic communications, preferably on the front and/or back cover of printed publications, including brochures, fliers, posters, ads, postcards, stationery, letterhead and business cards.

Logo Guidelines

No alterations should be made to the logo; it must be reproduced from officially approved master artwork. Avoid re-creating any versions of the university logo; do not use scanned or poor-quality reproductions. The logo may be reversed out on a large solid background but should not be placed over a busy, patterned background. Do not add special effects, shading, outlines or animations. Do not enclose the logo in a circle, oval or square. Do not use athletic logos on stationery or on publications that relate to academic or research programs. For information on athletic or spirit logos, contact in Athletics.

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Downloadable Logos

University of North Carolina logo, vertical, blue

University of North Carolina Asheville logo, horizontal, blue


UNCA logo white on transparent

(White text on transparent background)


horizontal UNCA white on transparent logo

(White text on transparent background)