Brand Fonts

Typography plays an integral role in accurately expressing the personality of UNC Asheville. The following typefaces can be purchased for use on branded materials.

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Gotham is a versatile, yet distinctive sans-serif that is clean and friendly.

Gotham is suitable for headlines, body copy, pull quotes, and small print. We recommend using Bold, Black, or Light styles for headlines and Book or Medium styles for body copy.

Poynter Oldstyle

Poynter Oldstyle is a serif font that has an organic, intellectual, and modern feel.

Poynter is suitable for headlines, body copy, and pull quotes. Display styles should be used for headlines and large type, while text styles should be used for body copy.


Authenia is a handwriting font that speaks to our originality and authenticity.

Authenia should be used sparingly for short headlines or pull quotes. This font should not be used in all caps or for longer body copy as either can be illegible.

Please note these proprietary fonts must be purchased by your department. Contact communication@unca.edu for assistance with purchasing.

Free Substitute Fonts

These alternatives can be downloaded for free from Google Fonts for use in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or other Google or Microsoft apps when our brand fonts are not available.

Montserrat can be substituted for Gotham.

DM Serif Display can be substituted for Poynter Oldstyle.

Since Authenia is a unique typeface with a lot of character, unfortunately there is no appropriate substitute.

Follow the instructions below to install these free fonts on your computer:

For Windows users: Open Software Center and look for UNC Asheville Fonts. Click to install.

For Mac users: Open Self Service. Under Browse, click the Fonts tab. You’ll see UNC Asheville Fonts. Click to install.