How do I add a new slide to my homepage slideshow?

Edit the page you want to promote (or create it if it's a new page), and make sure it has a title, caption and representative image. Go to the Homepage Slideshow tab on the left and check the box to include it in your homepage slideshow.

By default, the caption box will appear in the top left corner of the slide, and the link button text will read Learn More. You can adjust the positioning for the caption box based on the options given, and you can edit the link button text if you'd like.

How do I remove a page from my Homepage Slideshow or Homepage Promotions?

Edit the page in question, and simply uncheck the box under the appropriate tab.

I promoted a page to my Homepage Slideshow (or Homepage Promotions), but it’s not showing up. Why not?

The most common reasons are:

  • The page doesn’t have a Representative Image
  • You already have 4 page promoted to your slideshow (or 3 pages promoted to your promotions). You’ll need to either re-order them, or un-promote some other ones.


I want to post some pictures of students online. Do I need a release form?

Yes. Use UNC Asheville’s Photo Release form. Contact our Legal Counsel for more information.

What size do my pictures need to be?

  • Representative Images must be a minimum of 1280x720
  • Profile headshots must be at least 300x300
  • Images used in in-page slideshows must be at least 800x500

Page Editing

How do I change the name of a page? How do I change what its menu link says?

Edit the page in question, and update the appropriate fields. (The menu link title field is located under the Menu Settings tab).

Editing Profile Lists

I need to add someone to the faculty, staff, or alumni list, but there’s no edit button on the profiles page. How do I add them?

You will need to go to Content -> Create Content -> Profile. Set up their profile, and select Faculty, Staff, or Alumni from the Profile Type box. Once you save it, they should appear in the list.

Deleting Content

How do I “hide” a page without deleting it?

There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Unpublishing: This is generally the best option. If you don’t want anyone to see the page--because it’s unfinished, or needs to be approved--you should unpublish it.
  • Deleting the menu item: If you want people (including Google) to be able to find the page--maybe you’re emailing them a link directly to it--you can simply delete the menu item. Use this option sparingly--often someone will delete a page’s menu item, then forget the page is still out there until it turns up in a Google search.

I just deleted something by accident. Do you have a backup of my website?

The backups ITS provides are for critical system failures only, and take 3-4 hours to restore. We therefore cannot help with such requests. However, it’s often possible to recover from such mistakes by searching Google for the webpage’s address. You can then access the cached version, and recover your content.

cached version button


Will you give me access to my Google Analytics?

I need to add someone to the faculty, staff, or alumni list, but there’s no edit button on the profiles page. How do I add them?

Can I use Drupal as a Blog? Newsletter? Registration system?

Not at this time. Many departments use Blogger for blogs, MailChimp for newsletters, and EventBrite for registrations. This is not an endorsement of those products or services.

How do I get a new website created?

UNC Asheville has developed the following criteria for establishing a new website:

  • Purpose. New sites need to serve a distinct purpose on campus that’s not currently being fulfilled by another, existing site.
  • Content. Before making a new site, we’ll want to have at least 10 pages worth of content. They should be fully written out, and shared in a Google Doc or via email with webmaster@unca.edu. This content should be unique--i.e., it should not exist on any other website (unless you plan to move content off one site, and onto your new site).
  • Images. At least 3 pages should have representative images associated with them. These images should be .jpg or .png, and be no smaller than 1280x720. Share these images with webmaster@unca.edu.
  • Menu. Your site will need your content divided up between a few (3-6) top-level menu categories. We can help you decide the best way to organize your menu if you need assistance.
  • Maintenance. You’ll need to identify the position that will be responsible for maintaining the website in perpetuity. If the website is associated with a short-term project, program, or grant, we’ll want to be sure someone can maintain it for that time frame.

Changing your website's address

Changing a website's name take a bit of work, but it can be done. Here are the steps required:

  1. Submit a request to webmaster@unca.edu with the old website address, and the name you would like to use. If the name is already in use, or could be confused with an existing site, we will work with you to select a different name.
  2. Let us know the exact date and time you would like the chance to occur. We require a minimum of one business day to make this change.
  3. The web team will make a copy of your site's database and files, and will edit that copy to use the new name.
  4. Next, we'll set up a permanent redirect from your old site to your new site. That way, when someone goes to my-old-website.unca.edu, they will instantly be redirected to my-new-website.unca.edu. We typically leave the old address in place for about six months, to give people time to adjust.

Be aware: Changing the name of your website can have some negative consequences. Existing links to your site will no longer work, and Google will need to re-index your site before it shows up in search engines.