AP Style

Did you know that UNC Asheville follows Associated Press style online in most instances? Common mistakes are listed below. Because UNC Asheville is an institution of higher learning, consistency and accuracy are important. Please review your print and web content for errors in style, spelling and grammar.

University Name

  • Use UNC Asheville on primary uses.
  • University of North Carolina Asheville is also acceptable.
  • Never use “UNCA” or “UNC-Asheville.”
  • The noun “university” is not capitalized when it stands alone.


  • Use figures except for noon and midnight.
  • Avoid uncessary ciphers. Use 1 p.m., not 1:00 p.m.
  • Use a colon to separate hours from minutes.
  • Use lower case letters with periods to designate a.m. and p.m.
  • Follow this format when writing time frames: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; 2-6 p.m. (if both times are within the same 12-hour period). 
  • Avoid such redundancies as 10 a.m. this morning.


  • Always use numbers without st, nd, rd or th.
  • Capitalize the names of months in all uses
  • When a month is used with a specific date, abbreviate only the following months:
    Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec.
  • Spell out the names of all months when using alone or with a year only.
  • Use year as often as possible to avoid confusion for the reader.

Examples: January 2011, Jan. 2, 2011, Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2011, March 3, 2012, Mon.-Fri.


  • Use numbers and the $ sign.
  • Do not use the decimal for even dollar amounts.

Examples: $1, $10.50

Titles for People

  • Confine capitalization to titles used directly before an individual’s name.
  • Lowercase titles that follow a name and set them off with commas.

Examples: Chancellor Mary K. Grant, Mary K. Grant, chancellor of UNC Asheville, is…

Academic Degrees

  • Use an apostrophe in bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.
  • Capitalize and do not use possessive in Bachelor of Arts or Master of Science.
  • Use abbreviations after the name, such as B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Tech Words

  • The following are correct: “website” and “email.”

Room Listings

  • Place the number before the building name.
  • Do not abbreviate building name.
  • Use correct building names and double check spelling.

Examples:123 Highsmith University Union, Lipinsky Auditorium

Telephone Numbers

  • Use area code on all listings.
  • Use European-style format online.

Example: 828.251.6500

Composition Titles

Apply the following guidelines to the titles of books, computer games, movies, operas, plays, poems, albums, songs, radio and television programs, lectures, speeches and works of art.

  • Place title in quotes—do not use italics online.
  • Capitalize the principal words, including prepositions and conjunctions of four or more letters.
  • Capitalize an article—the, an, a—or words of fewer than four letters only if it is the first or last word in the title.