Homepage Slideshow

The homepage slideshow allows you to highlight timely information related to your department, such as events, news, announcements, new programs, notable student projects, faculty research and awards, etc. Your homepage slideshow should have four slides - three is okay, but four is ideal. You can have no more than four slides.

Your slideshow should be updated regularly. If you don't have enough content to create a slideshow, or the time to update it, consider using the promoted content area instead. Learn how to create promoted content blocks on your homepage. 

Adding a Slide

Each slide that appears in your homepage slideshow is created from a page on your website. To add a slide, don't edit your homepage; instead, edit the page you want to add (or create it if it's a new page).

  • Make sure the page has a title, caption and representative image. These are required elements the system will use to create the slide.
  • Go to the Homepage Slideshow tab and check the box to add this page to your homepage slideshow.
  • Position where the Title and Caption will appear in the slideshow.
  • Change the text of the Learn More button (optional). This is the orange button that links to the page the slide is based on. By default, the button will say Learn More, but you may want the button text to read Submit the Application, Register Now, Join Us, etc. depending on the content of the page.
  • Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page.

homepage slideshow screenshot

Removing a Slide

Edit the page you want to remove, uncheck the box next to "Include this page in your homepage slideshow" and save.

Advanced Options

It is possible to create a slide that links to a page on another website. For example, you may want to create a slide about a faculty member's research that links to the corresponding news story posted on news.unca.edu. Email webmaster@unca.edu if you need to set one of these up, and we'll walk you through the process.