The imagery used in UNC Asheville communications makes a powerful impression. When shooting photographs, look beyond traditional setups to create images with different perspectives and details, a softer focus, and unusual angles to impart a sense of creativity and inspire a particular emotion or atmosphere.

Images that evoke the UNC Asheville brand should feel spontaneous rather than staged, showing people in natural poses engaged in real-life situations. Subjects should exhibit a sense of self-confidence and joy in collaborative learning. Err on the side of restraint when using photography. One larger, well-cropped photo will create a stronger impact than a series of smaller, overly detailed images that create a cluttered, unfocused page.

All images should be at least 300 dpi at full size for print and at least 72 dpi at full size for web.

Request a Photo Shoot

For photo shoot requests, please email

Request Existing Photos

Communication and Marketing maintains an archive of university photos. Please email to request photos for print or web use.

Photo/Video Release Form

When taking photos or videos yourself, make sure all subjects sign a Photo/Video Release Form. If subjects are under 18, a legal guardian will also need to sign on their behalf.

All photographers or videographers taking photos or video on university property or of university events must obtain a signed release form from any student, faculty member, staff person, or member of the public who is visibly recognizable in the photograph. Crowd scenes where no single person is the dominant feature are exempt.

These rules govern photos and video intended for use in any university publication of a marketing or a public relations nature, such as printed promotional materials, advertisements, or online content. These rules are not in effect when photos or video are taken of news events, but photos/video taken for news purposes require a release for reuse in marketing materials.

Photographers provided by Communication & Marketing take care of all photo/video releases.

Multimedia Statement 

The University of North Carolina Asheville is a public university and often uses video recordings, audio recordings, and photographic images of public campus life, events, ceremonies and other activities to advance the mission of the institution. By visiting, registering as a student, being employed by The University of North Carolina Asheville, and/or being present in public settings, you authorize the use and reproduction by the university, or anyone authorized by the university, to any photographs, video, and audio, in whole or in part, while at the University of North Carolina Asheville, without compensation. The copyright of all photos, videos, and audio recordings will be retained by UNC Asheville. The individual creators of the photos, videos and audio recordings will retain the right to use them for professional self promotion. Many University events are open to the public and attended by media who may use your image for news purposes. UNC Asheville is a public forum and cannot control media coverage of our events.