Linking to Websites & Documents

Links are used to link to other websites and to documents on your site.

Choosing Link Text

Always use the most descriptive text you can when creating links. Descriptive link text helps your Google search results, and it's useful to users who scan a page for hyperlinks instead of reading all the text. Examples of good links:

  • Download the 2015 Financial Report
  • Submit your 2015 Undergraduate Research application
  • Register for the Summer Program

Bad links are not descriptive. Don’t use these:

  • this
  • click here
  • here
  • this document

Creating Links to Websites

To create a link to a webpage, highlight the text you want to use and click the Link button: Link icon

Enter the webpage address you want to link to in the URL box, then click OK:

link box screenshot

Linking to Documents

If you need to upload a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PDF, use the same Link button above.

Highlight the text you want to use for the link, click the link button, then click the Browse Server button. This will open up the File Browser, showing you all the files currently on your website.

file system screenshot

To upload a file to your server, click the Upload button in the top-left. Find the file on your hard drive, and click Upload:

file upload screenshot

Then, click the Insert File button at the top to create the document link and add it to your page. It will look like this:

document link screenshot

Removing Documents

All documents that have been uploaded to your website's server can also be found when users search the UNCA website or do a Google search for terms in the title or body of a document. For this reason, it's important to not only remove hyperlinks to old documents from your website, but you'll also need to delete them from your server. 

There are two ways to remove documents, images, and other files from your file system:

  • Use the WYSIWYG editor.
    • Begin by editing a page; which page you choose does not matter.
    • In the editor, click the the Link button
    • Click the Browse Server button
    • Locate the file in your folder structure, and click on it to select it
    • Click the Delete button at the top of the File Browser
    • When prompted to Delete Selected Files? Click OK
  • Use the Media Manager
    • In the administration menu at the top of the screen, mouse over Content, and click on Media
    • Locate the file you want to delete, and check the box next to it
    • A drop-down will appear at the top of the page; make sure Delete is selected, and click Submit
    • On the next page, when asked Are you sure you want to delete these items?, click Delete