Media & Page Display Options

This tab contains options to change the layout of your page, add a slideshow or video, and more.  You can also change how the Representative Image is formatted.

Position Representative Image on Page

Choose whether to have the image crop to a “panoramic” style image that floats at the top of your page, or have it appear as more of a traditional rectangle above the content and next to the menu.

representative image display screenshot

Add an In-Page Slideshow

Slideshows should have between 4 and 10 images in them. Fewer than 4 makes it feel incomplete; more than 10 is too many, and users typically won’t look at all of them.

When you’re on the Media and Page Display Options tab, you’ll see options for uploading an image, and giving it a title and subheading.

in-page slideshow screenshot

Click Upload to upload a file from your computer to the website. Give it a Title and short Description.

Click the Add Another Item button to upload additional images.

Once you’re done, save the page. You’ll see your images in rotation near the top of the page.

Embed a Video

To ensure everyone can use them, all videos must be closed-captioned. If you’re not sure how to add captions, please email for help.

To embed a video on your page, it must be uploaded to YouTube first. Contact if your department does not have its own YouTube account.

Once your video has been uploaded to YouTube and closed-captioned, click the Select media button:

embed a video button

Add the URL or embed code and click Submit. This will place the video below your content on the page. If you'd like the video to display above the content or in a different position on the page, please email

video embed field screenshot