Our Brand

A brand is the expression of an organization's identity and value articulated by its messaging, imagery, and design. 

Consistency and clarity make a brand strong and meaningful. Keep these key ideas and messages in mind when communicating about the university.

The University Vision

UNC Asheville students, within a diverse and inclusive community, experience liberal arts education at its best.

Key Messages


UNC Asheville is a place for serious scholars who value collaboration and creativity.

Our liberal arts approach isn’t about accumulating credits or memorizing textbooks; rather, it's about exploring how diverse disciplines influence one another and learning how to find innovative solutions to complex problems. It’s about debating ideas with inspiring professors and peers and developing a set of values and ethics to guide personal and professional decisions.

A liberal arts education from UNC Asheville prepares graduates to navigate the many twists and turns of a typical 21st-century career path. No matter their discipline, UNC Asheville students, faculty, staff and graduates are people who can think on their feet, make decisions in tough situations, and bring people together to make change happen.


Two things all the people of UNC Asheville have in common are a desire to make a difference in the world and a drive to do the right things for the right reasons.

UNC Asheville funnels the knowledge we create out into the community through a variety of powerfully engaged research and academic centers whose missions are tied closely to regional interest and need. And UNC Asheville students, staff, faculty and alumni contribute thousands of hours of service annually to organizations and communities in need, furthering our mission to contribute meaningfully to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the state of North Carolina.

From our interdisciplinary curriculum and collaborative research to our purposeful interactions with the world beyond the campus walls, the people of UNC Asheville are continually making new connections and developing ideas that help make the world a more just and sustainable place.


With a student body of around 3,700 students, UNC Asheville has designed a purposefully intimate learning environment where professors invite students in
to learn and discover alongside them
. Our classrooms feature more discussions than lectures; our labs host real research projects.

When students want to try something new, professors will convene a team of faculty members to help them devise a plan of attack. It’s a close-knit, collaborative culture that provides a sense of belonging and academic inspiration.


UNC Asheville provides the benefits of a private college—small classes, undergraduate research, and a challenging liberal arts curriculum—all at a public-school price. This means students won’t leave with overwhelming loans to pay off; in fact, our graduates typically carry less debt than those from other four-year schools in North Carolina. Plus, we’re a part of the University of North Carolina, one of the nation’s most prestigious systems of public higher education. The bottom line: A UNC Asheville education is a smart, responsible investment in the future. 

See Our Messaging page for more keywords and ideas to include when writing about the university.

Personality & Voice

Members of the UNC Asheville community love to think and create and explore new ideas. They get excited by lively debate and the pursuit of knowledge. And while UNC Asheville students are serious about their studies and expect to be challenged, they’re not overly intense or competitive; to the contrary, they describe themselves as relaxed, friendly people who value collaboration and creativity.

UNC Asheville faculty and students are upbeat and engaged, and photographs and stories should reflect how much they enjoy being part of a diverse community of artists, athletes, scientists and mathematicians whose shared experiences create an exciting environment of collaboration and creativity.

Visual Style

UNC Asheville marketing communications employ a sophisticated color palette and fonts that feel artistic, inquisitive and modern. Layouts should feature smaller font sizes, not too much text, and plenty of open space to pull the reader in, not jump out at them.

Visit our Visual Branding pages for more information on visual style and downloadable assets.