Requesting a Website 

Official University Websites

The University Web Team creates new subsites for university programs and departments as needed. Before requesting a new subsite, consider the following:

  • How much content will you have? Start mapping it out by creating an outline with each section and subsequent pages.
  • Who will manage and maintain the website? How long will it need to remain live?
  • Does this content relate to another area on campus that already has a website? If so, consider adding it there.

To request a new website, please email

Project-based Websites

Faculty and students interested in creating websites for specific courses, research, creative projects, or portfolios of work can do so through Ramsey Library. The library also uses WordPress, although the themes available are different from the university’s official departmental theme. Please contact Instructional Technologist Specialist Laurie Miles at to request a WordPress site through Ramsey Library.