Web Training & Support

The university’s website is built in WordPress. You may be familiar with using WordPress to manage a blog or personal website; however, we do require that all web editors maintaining official university websites receive training.

This training also covers requirements for making digital content accessible, following university branding guidelines, and best practices for content creation and SEO (search engine optimization). When you request access to edit your website, we will schedule a training session with you.

We’re also happy to provide a quick refresher, answer questions by email, assist you with content strategy, or offer other support to help you create a topnotch website – just email webmaster@unca.edu.

thumbs up iconAccessibility

Please review our requirements and best practices for web accessibility. This is especially important when posting graphics, video or other media that may be difficult for those with a vision or hearing impairment to consume.


Content Tips

“People don’t read anymore.” We hear that a lot, but it isn’t entirely true.

People read digital content differently than print content. They scan the text for key phrases and ideas, calls to action and hyperlinks. Following best practices for website content structure and formatting helps readers find and absorb important info more easily.

Best Practices:

  • Use headers to highlight main ideas and create sections of text that are easy to scan.
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Big chunks of text are hard for us to process, but white space helps.
  • Use bullet points for lists when possible.
  • Bold keywords and phrases strategically to make them stand out.
  • Use descriptive text for hyperlinks and calls to action when possible (i.e. Sign up to volunteer, Visit the UNC Asheville website to learn more, etc.).

Bonus: These practices also make it easier for search engines to correctly index your content and return quality search results to users.

This guide, How We Read Online (and 6 Skills Every Web Writer Needs to Master), also includes research-supported tips to make your web content more readable.


computer and phone iconAnalytics

The University Web Team uses Google Analytics and heat mapping software to track engagement with your website. Email webmaster@unca.edu to request a report for your website.