Page Structure

Title Bar

Just below the Global Navigation you’ll find the UNC Asheville logo, department name, search bar, and utility navigation (OnePort, Email, etc). These links cannot be changed. Clicking on the department name will take you back to that site’s homepage.


Representative Image (Optional)

Some pages (especially the homepage, or pages you want to promote to your homepage) will have a large image at the top that represents the page. This can appear either above or below the page title.

Student in a lab

Page Title and Body

These are the Title and Body fields you filled out when creating the page.

biology homepage screenshot

Accordion Content (Optional)

If you added Accordion Content to your page, it will appear below the page Body in green bars that expand when you click on them. Accordions are useful in dividing up sections of lengthy content. The content on this page is organized in accordion tabs.

Your Homepage

This website theme is designed to put a lot of focus on your homepage. It’s almost always the first page people see on your site, so we want it to be rich with good content and imagery. We also provide an optional Homepage Slideshow and Homepage Promotions area you can use to highlight the most important pages on your site, such as important programs, events, faculty awards, alumni news, etc.

Academic Departmental Homepages

Most academic department homepages should have the following elements:

  • A Representative Image using the Above Content option. This image should be representative of the discipline as a whole.
  • A brief description of the department.

homepage image and content

Homepage Slideshow (Optional)

Some sites will have a slideshow that should contain 3-4 pages you have selected to “Include in your homepage slideshow.”

  • These pages should be about upcoming events, important stories or programs, or other content you want to promote on your homepage. See for an example.
  • The Homepage Slideshow will only ever display a maximum of 4 images
  • You can sort the order of slides by hovering your mouse over the top-right corner of the slideshow, and clicking the gear icon. An option to “Order view” will appear. Click the cross icon to the left of each slide and drag them to set your preferred order.

slideshow screenshot

Promoted Content (optional)

promoted content screenshot

This is another area intended to promote/highlight programs, events, clubs, etc. specific to your department. These should be things you want users to see as soon as they arrive to your site.

You can sort the order of your Promoted Content by hovering your mouse over the top-right corner of the third item, and clicking the gear icon. An option to “Sort Promoted Content” will appear.

promoted content sort screenshot