Profile Lists

Profiles are used for faculty, staff, students, alumni, and more. Each profile represents one person.

Profiles are sorted alphabetically by last name. However, there are some times when you'll want to control that order. For example, all departments should have their Chair or Director appear at the top of the faculty & staff list. To accomplish this, make sure that person's profile has the correct radio button selected in the Promote Profile section.

Promote Profile

If your department has an assistant director, they should be marked as Second in Command. The Administrative Assistant would be next, then Everyone Else would fill out the list in alphabetical order. If your list of Faculty & Staff appears out of order, check the Promote Profile section of each profile. It's likely you'll need to edit one or more profiles, and change this setting on the ones that are out of order.

Behind the scenes: The profile lists are driven by a View, which has two sort criteria set: Order by Weight, then Order by Last Name. When you select one of the radio buttons in the Promote Profile section, you're actually assigning the profile a weight. Chair/Department Head is -40, Second in Command is -30, Administrative Assistant is -20, and Everyone Else is 0.