What you’ll need to have on hand to request creative and communication services for your event/project/initiative.

  1. What’s the overall goal and call to action, and how does it tie into our university priorities or strategic plan?
  2. Who is the audience(s)?
  3. When is it happening or when do you need it completed? (Please note the estimated timelines listed below)
  4. Where is it taking place or where is it being distributed/shared?
  5. What’s the budget?
  6. Why is it important to campus, to Asheville, to the state, or to the world?
  7. Who needs to approve this event/project/initiative? Has your supervisor and vice chancellor signed off on starting the project?
  8. Have you done this project in the past? If so, were there strategies that worked or didn’t work?
  9. Will this tie into other communication/marketing efforts?
  10. How will you define and/or measure the success of this piece?

Fill out a Service Request Form or contact to get started.

News & Events Promotion

Raising awareness of UNC Asheville news and events is our speciality, whether it’s print and social media advertisements or news releases and event posts. We start by posting your event to the online calendar and sharing on social media, and we customize campaigns and costs based on your goals and audience analysis. From news releases and posts on event calendars throughout Asheville to media mentions in daily newsletters and prints ads in weekly print publications, we’re your one-stop to develop a promotional plan, implement it, and analyze the results and reach.

You have a story to share, and we have the publications and the publications expertise to make sure it’s reaching your audience. Send your news and events to us for possible publication in the weekly employee e-newsletter and online events calendar as well as for consideration for in our stories platform, online and in print.

Note: Communication campaigns require 60 to 90 days to plan and implement depending on the scope of the initiative. Events need at least 30 days to post and promote, with 60+ days preferred to be considered for monthly publications.

News & Media Relations

From event posts and news releases to media pitches and featured stories online, on social media and in print, we are expert storytellers and know where to reach your audience. We are also the first point of contact for the media, so if you receive a request for an interview from a researcher, journalist, or communication staff from another organization or publication, please contact us first.

Visit our News & Media Relations page to learn more.


Graphic design services are available for university departments, with priority given to those projects geared toward an external audience. From invites and postcards to posters and multi-page publications to table displays and banners, we customize the design to fit your budget and goals. We also create designs for digital applications such as social media, crowdfunding campaigns, or event promotion.

Note that design projects start with a two-week lead time, with additional time requirements for printing, mailing, photography and content creation, or strategic development. We can work with local printers to take a design through the production process, requesting quotes for printing or mailing.

We’ve also printed the UNC Asheville logo on everything, so let us know if there’s a swag item you are interested in. We’ve contracted with a local printer to help you create business basics from business cards and letterhead. We’re happy to answer questions about university branding, logo usage and best practices, or to provide guidance and feedback on your own creations so please contact us for a consultation as you start your project by emailing



The University photographer and video producer focuses on high-impact photography that illustrates or exemplifies key messages in the university brand, strategic priorities or core values. Additional assignments are accepted depending on schedule availability, with priority to those requests that are outward facing and help further the department and University’s mission and message.

Faculty and staff portraits are scheduled once each semester and announced by email. Student portrait sessions are occasionally available in the Career Center.

In some circumstances and when the schedule is full, photography requests may be outsourced—in these cases, subsequent costs incurred will be the responsibility of the requesting department or office.

Please allow sufficient time (10 or more business days in advance) whenever possible. Please allow at least 10 working days for delivery of photographs to the online galleries.


The University photographer and video producer creates campaign-level videos for the University, often intersecting multiple departments and events. For example, the annual Holiday video, Admission Discovery Day video, and Commencement highlight videos are all produced in house. Additional assignments may be considered with priority to those requests that are outward facing and help further the department’s and the University’s mission and message.

Video requests might fit an ongoing series showcasing the stories from UNC Asheville. Please contact us with your request to see if it could fit as a featured story in this series.

Video projects with a limited scope or timeframe will be sent to freelance video producers for cost estimates—in these cases, subsequent costs incurred will be the responsibility of the requesting department or office.

Social Media

UNC Asheville Communication & Marketing manages the main social media accounts for the University. Content can be submitted directly to or by tagging the University @UncAvl on Twitter, @UNCAsheville on Facebook or @unc_asheville on Instagram. Social media advertising campaigns are available upon request and can be customized to meet your department’s goals.

We also provide consultation and best practices for departmental accounts, which are managed and maintained by each department. Social media can be a full-speed, full-time job, so please contact us before creating new accounts. We can help you determine the best platforms to reach your target audience or recommend ways to amplify your message through the main social media accounts.


Websites and Digital Advertising Campaigns

Want to reach a larger audience? Let’s make sure your website is up to date and ready. The UNC Asheville Web Team manages all core website content, with campus departments responsible for their content and pages. Communication & Marketing is a vital leader on this team and will meet with you to review your current content, analyze website performance, evaluate its usability, and optimize it for readability and search engines. Send your inquiry or schedule an appointment at

Digital campaigns must be coordinated through Communication & Marketing to ensure that the tracking is in place to evaluate campaign reach and conversion rates. Contact us at to learn more.