Typography plays an integral role in accurately expressing the personality and tone of the university. Consistent use of our preferred type families will strengthen and unify the UNC Asheville brand.

The university’s principal typefaces are:

  • Adobe Garamond, a timeless and functional serif font that should be used primarily for body text;
  • Gotham, a contemporary and versatile sans serif font that is appropriate for headlines, display copy, and shorter columns of text such as in sidebars; and
  • Rockwell, a slab serif that can also be applied to headlines and other display copy, in moderation.

Both the Garamond and Gotham type families are available in a variety of styles and weights to provide greater flexibility in creating the appropriate tone for different types of communications.


When creating text for print and digital communications, appropriate substitutions, if necessary, are Times New Roman for Adobe Garamond and Arial for Gotham. It is recommended that Arial, the sans serif face, be used more widely due to its readability.